Sometimes we like a product so well, we just need to tell you about it. Here are a couple brands we are pleased to share with you.

Meadow Creek Welding

Meadow Creek cookers are crafted within a culture of honesty, fairness, and diligent work ethics. Every unit features outstanding workmanship to give you an amazing barbecue experience. We offer designs and features, such as stainless steel grates on all models, that are usually not found in other cookers on the market. Apples to apples, Meadow Creek equipment gives you outstanding value for the price.

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StoryQue is the online brand ambassador for Meadow Creek Welding.

Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply

A specialty barbecue supply and equipment store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply is a preferred vendor sponsor for our outdoor cooking studio at StoryQue.


The OPENFIRE is a heavy duty fire pit cooker with multiple cooking attachments, including the grill grate, the frying pan (or secondary pit), the dutch oven, and the kettle (or ice bucket). There is also a warming shelf below the main pit for keeping your food warm after it’s cooked. The attachments swivel on a shaft at the edge of the pit and are independently height-adjustable. There are five attachment “ports” total, so you can add an additional grill or pan if you'd like.

We're happy to introduce you to the OPENFIRE brand and have committed to showing you what this cooker can do and how much fun it is to use it. Look for Don’s first OPENFIRE story, featuring grilled beef steaks and sweet potato fries, in StoryQue magazine issue 55.