StoryQue is a monthly magazine dedicated to telling tasty barbecue tales. It’s packed with recipes, tips, reviews, and stories for all backyard enthusiasts—especially backyarders.

Cooking outdoors was always very special to me growing up, but back then barbecue meant grilling burgers, chicken, and the lowly hot dog. One day a friend of mine invited us over for barbecue goat he had cooked in a whole pig roaster. He was also a reseller for Meadow Creek and took us into his warehouse and showed us his inventory of smokers, pig roasters, and grills. It wasn’t long before I partnered with him as a marketing agent for these amazing cookers, and I began to learn what real barbecue is about.

When I first started cooking low and slow, smoking ribs seemed like rocket science. The whole “barbecue like the pros” was intimidating. But as we got into it more, I learned that amazing barbecue can be easy! Of course we can’t deny that in a competition or commercial setting there can be stress and complex problems to solve, but amazing barbecue can be broken down into simple basic steps. Cooking for your family and friends is not hard with some decent equipment and a little guidance.

In 2012, I launched the first and only monthly magazine dedicated to barbecue. I wanted to share my belief with the world that barbecue is fun, easy, and amazing. I also believe barbecue should be taught using stories—words and pictures that spread the love of barbecue in a fun and attractive way.

Thus, StoryQue was born.

Sizzling regards,

Lavern Gingerich
StoryQue, editor

PS. I enjoy cooking on a Meadow Creek smoker, tin-foil converted park grills, and about any kind of grill/smoker/contraption that holds meat and heat. Having said that, it is ideal to invest in well-built equipment to make the job easier. Take a peek at the revolutionary barbecue equipment we offer.