Our podcast has been discontinued, but these interviews are still available for you to enjoy. You can also listen to them in iTunes, various Android apps that sync with Soundcloud, or any RSS-enabled music player using our RSS feed.

Episode 20: An interview with Bob Oldfield, President of the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association and Pitmaster of Burnin’ Bob’s Butts & Bones Competition Team.

Episode 19: Drew Thornley of Austin, is the founder of the Man Up Texas BBQ Tour and “Get Sauced” BBQ Festival. Both a BBQ lover and an entrepreneur. A must listen.

Episode 18: An interview With the National BBQ Association’s Stuart Meyer. Stuart shares info about the upcoming National Conference in March and insights into the state of BBQ in 2016.

Episode 17: DennyMike is an award winning producer of BBQ spices and sauces. He has won over sixty rub and sauce competitions and his products are sold world wide. If you’re thinking about marketing a home made sauce or rub, you’ll want to hear what DennyMike has too say about the business.

Episode 16: An interview with one of America’s top chefs and award winning cookbook author Molly Stevens.

Episode 15: A conversation with Elizabeth Karmel, America’s female grilling expert.

Episode 14: An interview with the executive chef of the Market Street Group, Dylan Benoit. He oversees 6 completely different restaurants in the Cayman Islands, including Lone Star BBQ.

Episode 13: A conversation with Elizabeth Karmel, America’s female grilling expert.

Episode 12: David Bouska of Butcher BBQ talks about his rubs, injections, cooking classes, experiences on the barbecue competition circuit, and guest appearances on BBQ Pitmasters.

Episode 11: Greg Mrvich has posted over 270 outdoor cooking videos to YouTube and has over 100,00 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Episode 10: In this episode, Frank interviews Craig Tabor, AKA Big Green Craig, in a conversation that covers a wide range of Egg-related topics, from his own story to practical tips for new Eggheads—such as the perils of forgetting to burp your Egg.

Episode 9: Frank discusses the Kansas City Barbecue Society with President Mike Peters, exploring what the society offers to members and Mike’s efforts to represent KCBS around the country.

Episode 8: This episode features Noah Glanville of Pit Barrel Cooker Company. Upon returning from the military, Noah Glanville decided to create a product that would bring families together around great barbecue. Thus, the Pit Barrel Cooker was born. Part of Noah’s plan is also to help other Vets become entrepreneurs. A great story of triumph.

Episode 7: This episode features Josh Cary of Yoder Smokers and All Things Barbecue, one of the largest online barbecue stores. He has a great story of a family who lived BBQ and turned their expertise, passion, and entrepreneurship into a thriving business.

Episode 6: Inspiring interview with Malcom Reed of Killer Hogs BBQ Team.

Episode 5: Today’s podcast discusses the controversial “Texas crutch” along with our special guest pitmaster and barbecue instructor Andy Groneman of Smoke on Wheels Competition BBQ Team.

Episode 4: On this week’s podcast Frank tells about his experience with the Pit Barrel Cooker, plus the StoryQue interview with Rocky Mtn BBQ Association President Jason Ganahl, whose competition team was Team of the Year in 2014 in RMBBQA.

Episode 3: This week’s special guest is Donnie Bray of the Warren County Pork Choppers, who were the Kansas City Barbeque Society’s 2014 Team of the Year.

Episode 2: StoryQue Podcast Edition 2 features StoryQue founder and publisher Lavern Gingerich along with Special Guest Chris Girvan-Brown of Urban Griller in Perth Australia.

Episode 1: Discover the story behind StoryQue in this premier edition as host Frank Eriksen introduces StoryQue magazine and interviews Lavern Gingerich, founder of StoryQue.

StoryQue magazine makes barbecue fun and easy by sharing creative recipes and tips with those who have a passion for backyard barbecue. StoryQue is especially designed to help beginners master amazing barbecue.